July 10, 2017
July 3, 2017

Client: Athens Voice

Project Objective: Free Press

Fields: Illustration, Magazine Cover

Athens Voice is the most important printed version of Greece with a wide distribution in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities. Athens Voice includes a wide range of themes that are directly related to the socio-political foundations of the country, the arts that bloom in the inwards of the city, and the information on nightlife and references to urban culture, displaying its heroes every time. It would seem that Athens Voice has opened a war with anti-culture and ephemeral, giving space to its pages to a multitude of celebrities who always have something timeless to say. Among them, the official artists of the center and everyday people, and also politicians and distinguished scientists show their point of view and share their stories in a unique way. The “Down Town” painting was given by Loft D’art in April 2012 to serve as the cover of the magazine’s 387th issue. Anarchy of Athens is projected through a perfectly linear approach to highlight its tightly crafted layout while at the same time observed by a tender view, for the city we loved.