Mc Yinka
October 17, 2017
Riverside Studio
October 17, 2017

Client: Bekas And Associates

Project Objective: Law Firm

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

There is no doubt that in the modern era law firms have acquired a totally different concept and form compared to what they have been up to the recent past. The modern law firm is required to cope with a complex and constantly changing social, economic, political and legal environment, and to do so, it must have as its weapons the constant updating and training and a combination of traditional tools of the “classical” lawyer and the most modern dispute resolution tools applied at an international level. The “Vassilios Bekas & Associates” Law Office, with its prerogative to cover all the legal needs of modern Screen entrepreneurship, distinguished by its successful course and providing specialized legal services of the highest quality level in commercial law, covering at the same time and with the same consistency and accountability other types of legal services. The design was based on a minimal and abstract aesthetic to give the prestige of the Bekas law firm. The B monogram was based on bold lines to give the project’s gravity and guarantee. Freedom in the design of the monogram has enabled us to escape from the mainstream and to create a truly unique logo that reveals the character and the legal awareness of the office.