May 8, 2017
May 8, 2017

Client: KAMP

Project Objective: Alternative Rock Album

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Album Cover Design, Promotional Stuff


Kamp were formed in 2012 and it is the personal bet of Yannis Kambouropoulos, a man with many years of active musical action.

After his departure from the historic band “Closer”, Yannis Kambouropoulos forms a band of great musicians and together they create the first album of Kamp called “Reappear”. Kamp’s second independent record label finds the band in full inspiration, presenting an album that oscillates between classical rock and psychedelic music with truly innovative suggestions while combining past references in the most imaginative way. After extensive scouting Kamp ended up giving their rebranding and designing the Clairvoyance cover assignment to Loft D’art.

The truly alternative and abstract Philosophy of Kamp music has led us to design a logo that would duplicate these two values ​​in the most powerful way by balancing them with the use of strict lines. The pseudo-3d Kamp flag with the simple typography was followed by the cover design. On the cover there is a flower that escapes from the narrow edges of the frame, so we want to emphasize the so intriguing title of the album (Clairvoyance). This ability of anticipating the future, breaking the principles of time and space and liberating the mind from material reality inspired us to create the cover. The layout is based on a series of quotes that we have isolated from various lyrics by converting them into self-contained texts that have embellished the inside of the booklet.

(Photo shooting: Aphroditi Houlaki )