New Cult
June 6, 2017
Manos Haute Coiffure
May 31, 2017

Client: Self project

Project Objective: Fictional character

Creative Fields: Poster Design, Illustration


Don Tomassino is a fictional character that appears in all parts of the Godfather trilogy created by Mario Puzzo. Although he is considered one of the basic characters of the Godafather movies, he has little headlines in both books and films. His wise counseling, his actions and even his death are inextricably linked with his loyalty to the Corleone family. This undervalued presence in a trilogy with extraordinary characters has prompted us to design an illustration wishing “bon voyage” to the Don behind The Don. A reference to a figure with a decisive effect on all three parts of the Godfather, which could be more projected. The real representative of the Corleone family in Sicily urges Michael Corleone: “Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind”

Bon Voyage Don Tomassino!