May 5, 2017
Diavazo gia tous allous
May 5, 2017

Client: Druidi

Project Objective: Vermuterria, Traditional Italic Restaurant

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


An innovative idea, the need for something special in combination with their aesthetics, contributed to the creation of a special space. The versatile character and the Italian philosophy of Vermuteria Ristorante meet the Greek culture, creating an environment that harmoniously coexists the classic and the modern. The goal, was a trip to the aromatic world of Vermouth and the Italian flavors. Our design around the druid branding was based on the Celtic tradition that is inseparably linked to the oyster philosophy. We created a brand clearly influenced by the typographic principles of Celtic tradition, wanting to attribute all this magical atmosphere. The connection of Celts to the Italian tradition begins with the colonial policy that finds them settling in Turin and translating their racial and cultural characteristics.

(Project Assignment: Dezone | Photo shooting: Takis Nikolopoulos)