October 9, 2017
Athens Voice
July 7, 2017

Client: Emma Kouros

Project Objective: Adult Pop Singer

Fields: Logo Design is the next bet of the Greek music industry. Within the storm of the information and musical placards involved, persists in adult pop and tries to set up this music style in Greece. The adult pop scene is world-wide and the artists – mainly because they represent it – excel in the charts by abandoning the 90’s and 00’s old-fashioned pop music that had as main representatives boybands and mellow aesthetics. Our study of adult pop, together with the study of’s artistic physiognomy, led us to a logo that will be the gnomon of the dynamic and emancipated woman of our time, while at the same time reveals the truly sensitive aspects of herself that are well hidden. The logo we created was based on the double M being the dominant consonant that repeats itself in’s name. The double M was designed in such a way as to refer to female hair and a combination with the heart and the horns ends up giving the shape of a female head. This has been done to point out, in a most extreme way, the two situations of female thinking that are a basic element of adult pop main theme.