May 5, 2017
May 5, 2017

Client: Human Evolution Center

Project Objective: Self-improvement method

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity, Web Design, Promotional Campaign


The Expansion Method is a new, innovative method of immediate improvement of psychology. Combining the most modern, easy to use and fast scientific techniques, it offers a holistic and measurable improvement in quality of life. The positive effects on psychology are evident from the very first application, making the method extremely effective and putting it at the cutting edge of scientific development. The targeted approach of the Expansion Method intervenes in the personality’s core and manages to release it from the toxic emotions and restrictive beliefs. The results are immediate as the recipients replace the negative effects with strong incentives to improve their quality of life and are prompted to take actions to change their daily lives. The design of the expansion brand was based on an abstract logic giving importance to the Omega sign semiology. Omega in most philosophies is the symbol of eternity and attributes the meaning of space and has been used to convey the notion of permanence of therapy and ultimate widening of personality.