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June 15, 2017
June 15, 2017

Client: Braille Pentagram

Project Objective: Experimental Hip-hop

Creative Fields: Illustration, Album Cover Design


From Below is the major street single of the artist nicknamed “LEX”. The rapper from Thessaloniki in recent years has been the subject of the Greek hiphop artists and after the album “ΤΚΠ” continues with a series of singles that literally count millions of views on youtube. From Below, in a lyrical way, it continues in the same dark tone with clear references to the second biggest city of Greece and the way of life of the average citizen of the country. Productively follows the same atmosphere based on the musical influences of the artist from the 90s.

The above elements led us to design a poster so that From Below portrayed in the most accurate way in relation to the recording. To fulfill the literal design metaphor of the claustrophobia of the urban environment, where the art of hope rises through the buildings.