May 8, 2017
Human Evolution Center
May 8, 2017

Client: AutoV

Project Objective: Car Supplies | Car Accessories

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity


Hexa is the largest distributor of lubricants and spare parts in the Corinth region. It is housed in a huge space outside the center of Corinth and is the vision of the Papadimitriou family for about 30 years. Hexa didn’ t want to remain in the mere marketing of products, and in its assets it also manufactures its own lubricants and spare parts, making it competitive in the field of exports and trade. The study of the name and design of Hexa was based on the family’s six core values. Responsibility, reliability, respect for the consumer, innovation, pioneering and speed. The name was denatured in a hex of these values ​​and ultimately Hexa was the business name (from the hexagon). The design of the signal emerged through naming and was implemented in synchronous, minimal lines keeping the timeless element that the business wanted to show up.