July 3, 2017
June 21, 2017

Client: Imagine Studio

Project Objective: Exclusive Studio Photography

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Imagine studio consists of a whole array of talented and creative people, mainly inspired by the photographer Constantinos Anagnostou. Their creative field meets the recordings of the most important moments of your life. The specialization of image studio in the field of wedding photography has led them to have a great range of gorgeous wedding captions in the pantheon of their creations. The personal touch, the tender view and the warmness and passion with which we approach these great moments have led us to design for them a brand very different from what anyone can meet in their business sector. The combination of I and S is embraced by a curve form representing the humanity that rules their mode of action. At the same time the simple lines and the choice of the particular color palette reveal their high aesthetics and professionalism. Trust your sophisticated approach and let them immortalize all the great and special moments you want to remember for ever.