May 8, 2017
May 8, 2017

Client: Thanos Lainas

Project Objective: Photography | Conceptual Art

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Thanos Lainas is considered one of the most promising photographers of his generation. His work is based on the photography of artists and the wider parts of art. A graduate of LEIKA GREECE and a partner of major production companies and music portals, his portfolio includes a wide range of artists from almost all venues. His view and aesthetics have become a characteristic feature of his work in order to be recognizable to the scene of Athens. The design of the brand name of Thanos Lainas we wanted not to refer absolutely to a photographer branding. We wanted the prestige, and the excellence of his work, to emerge through a very clean and minimal approach that would “free” him from the labels that define the medium photographer. The combination between T and L was flanked by a typographically equal border and eventually created a balanced composition similar to the work of Thanos Lainas.