Don Tomassino’s Tribute
June 5, 2017
Katerina Stikoudi
May 11, 2017

Client: Manos Kopsahilis

Project Objective: Hair Salon

Fields: Branding, Interior graphics


Manos Haute Coiffure is located in Old Faliron, a beautiful seaside suburb of Attica. Manos Haute Coiffure is considered one of the most famous Hair Salons in Athens. It is of no surprise that in the clientele of Manos Haute Coiffure you meet a lot of prominent Athenians, including well-known athletes, influential people of the show biz, artists, etc. The owner and creator of Manos Haute Coiffure, Mr. Manos Kopsachilis, avoids name dropping of celebrities who trust his scissors and hands. Dedicated to the development of his work and his business, he always invests in the detail by transforming the space of the hair salon into a humanly and warm place, setting as focal point the revitalization and the most demanding customer. The design of the new brand was based on the three words of the brand name (Manos Haute Coiffure) as the customer suggested, a suggestion that found us in total agreement with. The print design led to an elegant and continuous brand with calligraphy elements. The curvature of the letters gave the female and main aspect of those interested in the services of Manos Haute Coiffure. The identity and interior graphics were designed according to the same philosophy.