Floor Zero
May 6, 2017
Expansion Method
May 5, 2017

Client: Marrypossa

Project Objective: Wedding Planning

Creative Fields: Logo Design ,Branding Identity


It is a special enterprise that was established to implement the expectations of each customer in the quickest and most direct way. They undertake all kinds of events and accompany you from the design to the realization . Helen Liori and her team cared to create a simple and efficient way of communication to achieve the best possible result, including any service you can think of.

It is located on the beautiful island of Santorini and includes the following services: location scouting, event decoration, photography, videography, flowers and compositions, transportation, catering. The signal design was based on M combined with the stylish butterfly design. The butterfly was especially selected to engrave the Marryposa mark. Semiologically, it shows the spring, the flowering, the aesthetics, the rejuvenation, etc. All those elements that the newlyweds want to frame the rest of their common life.