June 6, 2017
Don Tomassino’s Tribute
June 5, 2017

Client: New Cult

Project Objective: Streetwear Clothing Store

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity

New Cult is a constant value in streetwear clothing that defines urban clothing in Athens for more than 25 years. New Cult combines the vibrant story of street wear by innovating and contemplating the aesthetics of the city every time with the most modern point of view. The introduction of the most important global brands in Greece happened mainly by New Cult. The always up-to-date vision has prompted them to design a brand that will be both contemporary and timeless. Moving within the framework of minimalism and modern design approach with a fresh look what serves the new worship of the last 25 years in order to offer a signal capable of lasting in time and to represent their philosophies for another 25.