Riverside Studio
October 17, 2017
July 10, 2017

Client: Argiris Mardas Stravelakis

Project Objective: Marketing

Creative Fields: Name Giving, Logo Design

Publin is the only public relations firm specializing in writers and publications in Greece. Recognizing the gap between Greek publishing houses and the promotion of a book, the idea of ​​creating a specialized publishing and marketing organization at the same time was a oneway. Publin was staffed by Copywriters, Public Relations Managers, Marketeers, Designers, Videographers and Event Makers to best promote the printed material to the audience concerned. Loft D’art undertook the name and design of the brand company. Publin as a corporate name is created by the words Publish + in to highlight the severity, proximity, and professionalism that describes the company’s philosophy. The design of the logo was based on the original letter “P” that ended with the necessary inclination to refer to a tailor’s book of traditional bookbinding. Publin was framed with the splendid vocabulary quoted by the creators of “the public eye” ending up in becoming a truly unforgettable logo for a genuinely innovative creative effort.