Blue Villas
May 8, 2017
May 8, 2017

Client: Sober On Tuxedos

Project Objective: Stoner Metal Band

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity, Promotional Campaign, Management


Sober On Tuxedos is the most promising band in the rock and stoner scene. Having a lot of live concerts and fanatic followers growing up, sober on tuxedos recently released their first record titled “Welcome to the liquor store” by MLK records. The four-member band Sober On tuxedos entrusted Loft D’art for designing the new logo and all project management. The philosophy the design was based on, was the grimy and vintage aesthetics, so the logo to remind that of a traditional whiskey bar. The combination of the whiskey bottle and tuxedo-based logo, sparked interest and turned out to be a truly recognizable brand in their field. Loft d’art, in addition to the rebranding campaign, also took over the Sober On tuxedos 360o

management and marketing campaign, baptizing their latest release.