Athens Voice
July 7, 2017
Imagine Studio
July 3, 2017

Client: Vegas

Project Objective: Pop Urban Group

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity, Merchandise

Vegas is a famous band known to the general public of Greece and Europe as the ultimate pop-urban musical scheme. A key element of their success is their eccentric appearance and the dynamism they emit in their popular concerts.

After a decade and hundreds of live shows, platinum recordings, participations in events across Europe and repetitive radio successes, Vegas trusted Loft D’art to renew their visual communication and design their new merchandise campaign.

The band that established Pop-urban culture in Greece, was looking for a brand that could represent its new innovative ideas and the strictly foreign-language shift of the band to the world music market.

The design was based on the eccentric character of the band and its subversive philosophy, while the number of members (3) was emphasized ending up in the isosceles triangle that is presented with the letter V. We thought that adding G (the second consonant in order from the name of the band) will yield the overture that represents the band from the first day of their formation.

Enjoy their music!