Amazing Moments
June 16, 2017
From Below
June 15, 2017

Client: Greek Society

Project Objective: Revolution

Creative Fields: Illustration, Poster Design, Merchandise


We Greeks is a project for personal use that would be more like a Social Design \ illustration. It is a tribute to the «real representatives of the ancient Greek spirit.» In fact, this project sought to jeopardize the present reality where the average Greek still stands proud of its origins without reminding its representatives and of a complete lack of historical children around it. The character poses as if in a recliner on a left profile and obviously stands against the spirit, philosophy and aesthetics of his classical ancestors. The message “We Greeks” (also known as the fucking rock of civilization) comes to connect with the decadency and the arrogant character and to create a composition that completes with the Greek flag that waves in the background.