May 9, 2017
Blue Villas
May 8, 2017

Client: Winblows

Project Objective: Boutique Hotel

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding identity


Loft d’art’s specialization in hotel branding led the Winblues team to seek our professional advice concerning the name of the project as well as the design of the branding and corporate identity. The name came from the building itself that stands out for its blue windows. The Winblues logo (from the words “windows + blue”) aims to highlight the element of the sea as the hotel is located in Korfos, a beautiful seaside location near Corinth. The branding design around the name, followed the same logic. An architectural decoration based on the arches and windows behind a watercolor of blue shades. The typography is defined by curves that will show off the elegant aesthetics of Winblues.