Client: Alkis Moraitis

Project Objective: Photography

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Alkis Moraitis is a great photographer specialized in food photography.Β  HeΒ  is a great friend and partner and we were very proud to design his logo. Alkis Moraitis has his own unique view in capturing moments. We designed an elegant and luxury logo in order to highlight the high level clientele of him and his great photography creations. The logo of Alkis Moraitis was based on the combnation of the two initials of his name /surname. we created a memorable and calligraphic logo identical to his creative route so far

Client: Didot

Project Objective: Online Printing Services

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity, Web Design


Didot provides online printing services committed to deliver quickly, in the best prices of the market. Family’s experience in graphic arts and Logistical infrastructure

established them as one of the best printing business in the branch. However their fresh ideas motivated them to rename their vision and rebrand their present business.


Client: Adamidis co.

Project Objective: Construction Services, Renovation

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity, Web Design


Adamidis development keeps on for fourth generation in the construction of private buildings. With know-how and passion, they undertake to realize your vision, having as a key point your long-term trust for their services and services.

Adamidis development projects include mostly urban and country houses, shops, craft-industrial buildings, infrastructure projects, open-air landscaping, renovations and repairs. The rebranding of Adamidis Development was based on minimal aesthetics, reflecting a prospect that points to a building installation. This was done through the subtractive design of the original letters A, D which combine them to effectively attribute the forms of the buildings.

Client: Ethra

Project Objective: Homegrown biological seeds

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity


Ethra Farm is an organic farm based in Cyclades. Etha Farm’s basic cultivation variety is the Critum. Critum (crithmum maritimum) is an ancient and valuable ingredient in the nutrition of the Mediterranean people. It grows wild and lonely on the cliff, next to the sea and combines everything: taste and multiplicity of culinary exploitation, unique history and tradition, as well as amazing properties as part of a modern, healthy diet.

It is an edible aromatic plant with a strong aroma and taste, which is extremely healthy as it contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. The design of the Ethra Farm brand was based on the curvature that characterizes the shape of the Kritamos plant itself, finishing with the addition of a leaf design that forms the first letter of Ξ•thra Farm (E)

Client: Diavazw gia tous allous

Project Objective: Public Service, Non Profit Organization

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity



DGTA is an innovative project inspired by a group of people with a great sense of compassion and Efficiency. Their dream was to “record” books and provide these recordings to those who are unable to read. Their non-profit organization counts hundred recorded audio books that transmits  knowledge to the blind people through their web. They represent a movement of solidarity that spreads gradually throughout the country.


Client: Druidi

Project Objective: Vermuterria, Traditional Italic Restaurant

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


An innovative idea, the need for something special in combination with their aesthetics, contributed to the creation of a special space. The versatile character and the Italian philosophy of Vermuteria Ristorante meet the Greek culture, creating an environment that harmoniously coexists the classic and the modern. The goal, was a trip to the aromatic world of Vermouth and the Italian flavors. Our design around the druid branding was based on the Celtic tradition that is inseparably linked to the oyster philosophy. We created a brand clearly influenced by the typographic principles of Celtic tradition, wanting to attribute all this magical atmosphere. The connection of Celts to the Italian tradition begins with the colonial policy that finds them settling in Turin and translating their racial and cultural characteristics.

(Project Assignment: Dezone | Photo shooting: Takis Nikolopoulos)


Client: Eleven

Project Objective: Street wear

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity


As lovers of street wear, we have taken the challenge of implementing the idea of ​​a business that could compete against the big retail stores. The name of the business came from the store’s headquarters address number and around it a well-rounded plan was conceptualized. This plan included the design of a brand, followed by an urban marketing campaign, social media marketing as well as the complete development of an e-shop.

Knowing the adversities we encounter in a small business in this sector in Greece, we have created an idea to showcase the philosophy and values ​​of the business around clothing. We have designed a friendly and intimate brand that will not feel at all like the impersonal design profiles of retail businesses of street wear. Of great importance to the success of this brand and to the expansion of the company itself were the ideas of customized products, with one of the most notable: a bag with illustrations which were designed entirely with traditional methods (pens, rapidographs etc).

Client: Elixior

Project Objective: Pharmacy

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Elixirion was one of the first pharmacies in Athens that decided to invest in the branding process. In a market where every day becomes more competitive and the need for an identifying brand seems more important than ever, the branding sector in the pharmaceutical market of Greece seems to be non-existent.

Elixirion’s design has been mostly based on strict lines of creation. The project was such, that there was no possibility of getting away with innovative concepts. We relied on the form of a traditional bottle, like the one we usually see in the oldest depictions, that contained the elixir.

The use of the above form in horizontal and full marks provided the symbol of the cross, which is a necessary legal framework for the field in which we worked. Elixirion was painted in the shades of the green relatives of the industry and we chose to move in a very clean and strict font.

branch is always a challenge. We studied thoroughly

Client: Human Evolution Center

Project Objective: Self-improvement method

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity, Web Design, Promotional Campaign


The Expansion Method is a new, innovative method of immediate improvement of psychology. Combining the most modern, easy to use and fast scientific techniques, it offers a holistic and measurable improvement in quality of life. The positive effects on psychology are evident from the very first application, making the method extremely effective and putting it at the cutting edge of scientific development. The targeted approach of the Expansion Method intervenes in the personality’s core and manages to release it from the toxic emotions and restrictive beliefs. The results are immediate as the recipients replace the negative effects with strong incentives to improve their quality of life and are prompted to take actions to change their daily lives. The design of the expansion brand was based on an abstract logic giving importance to the Omega sign semiology. Omega in most philosophies is the symbol of eternity and attributes the meaning of space and has been used to convey the notion of permanence of therapy and ultimate widening of personality.

Client: Marrypossa

Project Objective: Wedding Planning

Creative Fields: Logo Design ,Branding Identity


It is a special enterprise that was established to implement the expectations of each customer in the quickest and most direct way. They undertake all kinds of events and accompany you from the design to the realization . Helen Liori and her team cared to create a simple and efficient way of communication to achieve the best possible result, including any service you can think of.

It is located on the beautiful island of Santorini and includes the following services: location scouting, event decoration, photography, videography, flowers and compositions, transportation, catering. The signal design was based on M combined with the stylish butterfly design. The butterfly was especially selected to engrave the Marryposa mark. Semiologically, it shows the spring, the flowering, the aesthetics, the rejuvenation, etc. All those elements that the newlyweds want to frame the rest of their common life.

Client: Floor Zero

Project Objective: Streetwear | Sportswear

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding identity

Client: Gimlet

Project Objective: Wine Restaurant | Cocktail Restaurant

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding identity


Gimlet already counts 7 years of continuous presence in the field of dining and nightlife. Gimlet is an all day bar restaurant located in vathi bay, on the beautiful island of Lefkada. Smiley staff, delicious cocktails, scented coffee and great food create the recipe of the 7 year success, while the sea air accompanies you along this enchanting journey.

The design of the brand and identity is based on the “”immeasurable dynamic minimalism”” that governs the principles of the architectural work, as informed by the architectural agency Dezone who undertook the construction of the project. Moving on the above lines, Loft D’art designed a brand based on an equal printing study, linear so that the gimlet logo follows literally the general aesthetics and philosophy of the space. The modification in g that turns into a cocktail glass was the final touch and the “”release”” of the logo from the combination of vertical and horizontal lines is giving it an identity and personality.

(Project Assignment: Dezone | Photo shooting: Takis Nikolopoulos)

Client: Human Evolution Center

Project Objective: Open University

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


The HUMAN EVOLUTION CENTER is a recognized open university, which in its majority is engaged in the field of self-improvement and the emergence of the real power of a human being. As its founder, Argyris Mardas Stravelakis, says: Β«We are creating empowered people, effective healers and successful businesses with special learning programs and Expansion Business upgrade products. The purpose of Human Evolution Center is to provide high quality services to upgrade the human experience. We believe that with emotional release, we manage to upgrade the quality of our lives, careers and business. We restore harmony to human experience by releasing everything that binds itΒ». The design of the HUMAN EVOLUTION CENTER brand is based on the combination of a custom typographic study with a signal based on the minimal lines, with the emblematic blazons of universities all over the world. The two elements act in combination and separately, under the logic of being able to work independently because of the many and demanding applications of the university.

Client: AutoV

Project Objective: Car Supplies | Car Accessories

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity


Hexa is the largest distributor of lubricants and spare parts in the Corinth region. It is housed in a huge space outside the center of Corinth and is the vision of the Papadimitriou family for about 30 years. Hexa didn’ t want to remain in the mere marketing of products, and in its assets it also manufactures its own lubricants and spare parts, making it competitive in the field of exports and trade. The study of the name and design of Hexa was based on the family’s six core values. Responsibility, reliability, respect for the consumer, innovation, pioneering and speed. The name was denatured in a hex of these values ​​and ultimately Hexa was the business name (from the hexagon). The design of the signal emerged through naming and was implemented in synchronous, minimal lines keeping the timeless element that the business wanted to show up.

Client: Hydrea

Project Objective: Boutique Hotel

Creative Fields: Logo Design, branding Identity


Hydrea boutique hotel is a real diamond for the tourist life of the island of Hydra.

The luxurious Hydrea accommodation combined with the scenic and beautiful Hydra combine the ultimate holiday choice for anyone looking for serenity with a high level of hospitality.

Hydra is traditionally renowned for its boutique hospitality and its direct accessibility from the port of Piraeus, which makes it one of the most attractive summer destinations. The design part of Hydrea included the complete redesign process. Our study eventually led us to a creative context where elegant and luxurious aesthetics should emerge, while at the same time the cosmopolitan element that is indivisible part of its history should be seen. The creation of a label that will refer to a man-made ecopoint is indissolubly linked to the country’s great and important naval history.

Client: Iratus

Project Objective: Experimental Hip-hop Album

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Illustration, Album Cover Design


Iratus is one of the most famous hip-hop artists in Greece. Over the last five years he counts hundreds of sold out shows in Athens, in the countryside and in Cyprus. He is considered the most successful hip-hop artist of the last decade in Greece. His releases count millions of views on youtube and has occasionally appeared with huge names of world industry such as Lana del Ray etc. His presence, be it big festivals such as the rockwave and the riverfest, to central Athens scenes is accompanied by huge attendance, long-term performance and explosive energy. His lyrics are both satirical and sensitive alloy with many social extensions and the more caustic references. When we were asked to design the campaign for his new album called Oceans, we decided that it was crucial to design a series of works expressing the contradiction represented by Iratus. The final painting we created for his cover was considered the ultimate reversal for a hiphop album in 2017. The creation of the hard copy layout was based on the same philosophy with a small painting insert. We also decided that the album of its own was to be adorned with its own logo, which could be also used for merchandise, making it unique in comparison to the older Iratus releases. Enjoy!

Client: KAMP

Project Objective: Alternative Rock Album

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Album Cover Design, Promotional Stuff


Kamp were formed in 2012 and it is the personal bet of Yannis Kambouropoulos, a man with many years of active musical action.

After his departure from the historic band “”Closer””, Yannis Kambouropoulos forms a band of great musicians and together they create the first album of Kamp called “”Reappear””. Kamp’s second independent record label finds the band in full inspiration, presenting an album that oscillates between classical rock and psychedelic music with truly innovative suggestions while combining past references in the most imaginative way. After extensive scouting Kamp ended up giving their rebranding and designing the Clairvoyance cover assignment to Loft D’art.

The truly alternative and abstract Philosophy of Kamp music has led us to design a logo that would duplicate these two values ​​in the most powerful way by balancing them with the use of strict lines. The pseudo-3d Kamp flag with the simple typography was followed by the cover design. On the cover there is a flower that escapes from the narrow edges of the frame, so we want to emphasize the so intriguing title of the album (Clairvoyance). This ability of anticipating the future, breaking the principles of time and space and liberating the mind from material reality inspired us to create the cover. The layout is based on a series of quotes that we have isolated from various lyrics by converting them into self-contained texts that have embellished the inside of the booklet.

(Photo shooting: Aphroditi Houlaki )

Client: Kastalia

Project Objective: Boutique Hotel

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Kastalia Boutique Hotel is another boutique hotel whose visual communication was undertaken by Loft D’art. The Kastalia Boutique Hotel is located in the beautiful Delphi of the Peloponnese, a place of great historical and philosophical significance according to the ancient Greek history. The name comes from the neighboring Kastalia spring, which according to the mythology borrowed its name from the nymph Kastalia who was drowned in its waters. The Kastalia Boutique Hotel externally preserves the local architecture while in the interior, prevail the modern and the luxuriant aesthetics. Most of the rooms have stunning view of the Delphi valley and the sea, Itea and Galaxidi.

The design for the Kastalia Boutique Hotel was based entirely on the combination of the mythical gravity of the hotel’s name, combined with the equally historical location, but without neglecting the luxury element that suits every boutique hotel in its category.

Client: Thanos Lainas

Project Objective: Photography | Conceptual Art

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Thanos Lainas is considered one of the most promising photographers of his generation. His work is based on the photography of artists and the wider parts of art. A graduate of LEIKA GREECE and a partner of major production companies and music portals, his portfolio includes a wide range of artists from almost all venues. His view and aesthetics have become a characteristic feature of his work in order to be recognizable to the scene of Athens. The design of the brand name of Thanos Lainas we wanted not to refer absolutely to a photographer branding. We wanted the prestige, and the excellence of his work, to emerge through a very clean and minimal approach that would “”free”” him from the labels that define the medium photographer. The combination between T and L was flanked by a typographically equal border and eventually created a balanced composition similar to the work of Thanos Lainas.

Client: Montmartre

Project Objective: Parfumarie

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding, Interior Design, Photography, Packaging, Marketing Campaign

MONTMARTRE is a small perfume shop located in the beautiful suburbs of Athens. The vision of the owner was to create a small space with a clear thematic to convey within it the classic and parallel traditional element in combination with the provision of high-level products. Our influences point to another suburb. Paris, 19th century. Famous cabarets, refined coffee and accordion melodies make up a unique atmosphere. In narrow alleyways unknown intellectuals are promoting new ideas, painters put their easels in the square and portraits. That’s what we called, planned, and finally watched the idea of ​​MONTMARTRE. We saw from the outset the need to frame the superior products of the business with an idea larger than the product itself, so that they can go out on the surface and become exactly like them. The emphasis we have placed on the detail of each field of our creation, from the flags to the interior decoration and packaging, has led MONTMARTRE to be considered one of the most versatile perfume shops of the city.

Client: NTP

Project Objective: Crossover hip-hop digital single

Creative Fields: Photo Manipulation, Digital Album Cover Design


NTP’s are known to the alternative Greek audience as a band with truly innovative sound and poetic speech. The meeting of musical colors and items combined with the poetic rendition makes the NTP unique in their field and combined with their energetic stage presence, they managed to become the longest hiphop form of the province.

The experiment called “Scream” finds them together with the exceptional musician Loupasis and the brother of Nikos Xylouris, Psarantonis. A beautiful alliance of Cretan tradition and modern sound that redefines the definition of crossover song. For the project in question, the project was undertaken by the design of the “”cage”” cover based on the photographic material of Chrysalena Antonopoulos. The design was minimal aesthetically, and we wanted to show a “”scream”” like the absorption of the contradiction between the serene image of the beach the moment that is sliced ​​and decomposed into pieces.


(Photo shooting: Chrysalena Antonopoulos)

Client: Sober On Tuxedos

Project Objective: Stoner Metal Band

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity, Promotional Campaign, Management


Sober On Tuxedos is the most promising band in the rock and stoner scene. Having a lot of live concerts and fanatic followers growing up, sober on tuxedos recently released their first record titled “”Welcome to the liquor store”” by MLK records. The four-member band Sober On tuxedos entrusted Loft D’art for designing the new logo and all project management. The philosophy the design was based on, was the grimy and vintage aesthetics, so the logo to remind that of a traditional whiskey bar. The combination of the whiskey bottle and tuxedo-based logo, sparked interest and turned out to be a truly recognizable brand in their field. Loft d’art, in addition to the rebranding campaign, also took over the Sober On tuxedos 360o

management and marketing campaign, baptizing their latest release.

Client: Blue Villas

Project Objective: Boutique Hotel

Creative Fields: Logo Design


Under the name Blue villas, are over 200 seaside villas in the beautiful Greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Crete. A collection of gorgeous buildings uniquely designed, each of which is the most secure destination in the most enchanting parts of Greece. The sophisticated decoration of the landscapes and the excellent locations, the porches with the supreme view, the indoor swimming pools and the enchanting Greek sun attract every year hundreds of lovers of the highest aesthetics.

The assignment of the project to redesign the Blue Villas’ brand has prompted us to create a balanced mixture of tradition and luxury. A common thread between these islands is Greek architectural and simple, contemporary design. We wanted our approach to represent the Blue Villas’ philosophies. Traditional elements and expensive lifestyle live in peaceful coexistence. A golden medium dominated by the beautiful blue of the sea.

Client: Winblows

Project Objective: Boutique Hotel

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding identity


Loft d’art’s specialization in hotel branding led the Winblues team to seek our professional advice concerning the name of the project as well as the design of the branding and corporate identity. The name came from the building itself that stands out for its blue windows. The Winblues logo (from the words “”windows + blue””) aims to highlight the element of the sea as the hotel is located in Korfos, a beautiful seaside location near Corinth. The branding design around the name, followed the same logic. An architectural decoration based on the arches and windows behind a watercolor of blue shades. The typography is defined by curves that will show off the elegant aesthetics of Winblues.

Client: Jacqueline Nunez

Project Objective: Real Estate Agency

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Client: Personal Project

Project Objective: Rap Artist Creative

Fields: Illustration, Poster Design


Christopher George Latore Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997), best known for his artistic name, Notorious B.I.G., was an American rapper from New York. In his musical career he released two albums, followed four more after his death. In 1994, Notorious released his first album, Ready to Die. At the same time, he developed a personal fight with Tupac Sacour, which was also recorded musically through some Β«song-attacksΒ» the two rappers exchanged. The deaths of these men were interpreted as the culmination of this controversy, but there is no evidence to link the two murders. The title of illustration “”Born Sinner”” is taken from the lyrics of the song “”Juicy”” that reached the top of the charts in 1994. The design was based on the rough lines of the pencil to form, finally, the figure of the late notorious big. An Illustration devoted to one of the most talented representatives of the 90’s urban culture

“”Born Sinner, The opposite of a winner …””

Client:Β Katerina Stikoudi

Project Objective: Rap Artist Creative

Fields:Β Logo Design, Branding Identity, Album Cover


Katerina Stikoudi is the most successful pop artist in the Greek music industry. With her persistence, continuous improvement and remarkable appearance on stage, she quickly managed to establish herself in the artistic setting. Katerina StikoudI is now one of the most controversial celebrities in show biz because the simplicity that characterizes her presence offstage is in contrast to her impressive appearance and the style that she promotes in her photo-shoots and her expensive video-clips. Her career is characterized by great changes: starting and staring in beauty competitions and modeling shows, when today she interprets, composes and produces – to a large extent – her own songs.

The design of Katerina Stikoudi’s brand was based on her subversive character. By removing the vowels of such a recognizable name, we wanted to challenge the reader, while creating a balanced logo with one-weight lines that compose a modern typographic style. Finally, by highlighting the abstract K, we promote the only consonant that appears in both her name and surname.


Client: Manos Kopsahilis

Project Objective: Hair Salon

Fields: Branding, Interior graphics


Manos Haute Coiffure is located in Old Faliron, a beautiful coastal area of Attica. Manos Haute Coiffure is considered to be one of the most famous hair salons in Athens. It is of no surprise that a lot of prominent Athenians, including well-known athletes, influential people in the show biz, artists etc constitute the clientele of Manos Haute Coiffure. Dedicated to the development of his business, Mr. Manos Kopsachilis always pays attention to detail and by transforming the space of the hair salon into an elegant and cozy place, set as focal point the revitalization of the most demanding customer.


The design of the new brand was based on the three words of the business’s name: Manos Haute Coiffure. This idea led to an elegant and continuous logo created with calligraphic style. The curvature of the letters gave a feminine touch and considering the fact that the average customer who is interested in the services of Manos Haute Coiffure is a female, we thought it would be a fitted element to the brand. The interior design style followed the same philosophy.

Client: Self project

Project Objective: Fictional character

Creative Fields: Poster Design, Illustration


Don Tomassino is a fictional character that appears in all parts of the Godfather trilogy created by Mario Puzzo. Although he is considered one of the basic characters of the Godafather movies, he has little headlines in both books and films. His wise counseling, his actions and even his death are inextricably linked with his loyalty to the Corleone family. This undervalued presence in a trilogy with extraordinary characters has prompted us to design an illustration wishing “bon voyage” to the Don behind The Don. A reference to a figure with a decisive effect on all three parts of the Godfather, which could be more projected. The real representative of the Corleone family in Sicily urges Michael Corleone: “”Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind””

Bon Voyage Don Tomassino!

Client: New Cult

Project Objective: Streetwear Clothing Store

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity

New Cult is a constant value in street wear clothing that has defined urban clothing in Athens for more than 25 years. New Cult combines the vibrant story of street wear by innovating and contemplating the aesthetics of the city every time with the most modern point of view. The introduction of the most important global brands in Greece happened mainly through New Cult.


Their always up-to-date vision has prompted Loft D’ Art to design a brand that will be both contemporary and timeless. Moving within the framework of minimalism and modern design with a fresh look what serves the new worship of the last 25 years in order to offer a logo capable of lasting in time and to represent their philosophies for another 25.

Client: Heartbeat Training Studio

Project Objective: Personal & Cross Training Studio

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity, Interior Design

Heartbeat training studio is a pioneering fitness center in the heart of the suburbs of Palaio Faliro. Exceptional specialization of the potential and the latest technology of the Heartbeat training studio provides a full and complete training combined with scientific nutritional supervision. The services offered by Heartbeat training studio are Personal training, Cross training, Real Ryder, T-Ride, X * Pilates, Massage & Nutrition. The design of the brand has linked the basic body of the human body, the heart, with the initials H and B. We wanted to create a design that is of interest to the person who, as his basic traits, distinguish one’s well being and health. The heart also plays a leading role in the printing press in order to reinforce the above-mentioned concepts.

The Heartbeat training studio’s interior design was based on the color chart and the minimal approach of its brand and corporate identity. We created a space that is easy to use and functional with motivational aesthetics to motivate and inspire.

(Graphic design collaboration with Leonidas Arslanidis)

Client: Elegrand

Project Objective: Multi Brand Clothing Store

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity

Elegrand is a new multi brand clothing store in Athens’s suburbs. Elegrand became the inspiration of two friends sharing the same passion for premium clothing. Their choice to establish their business not in the heart of the city but on the outskirts finally created a new clothing market in a small street that was financially inactive many years ago

Client: Braille Pentagram

Project Objective: Experimental Hip-hop

Creative Fields: Illustration, Album Cover Design


From Below is the major street single of the artist nicknamed “”LEX””. The rapper from Thessaloniki in recent years has been the subject of the Greek hiphop artists and after the album “”ΤΚΠ“” continues with a series of singles that literally count millions of views on youtube. From Below, in a lyrical way, it continues in the same dark tone with clear references to the second biggest city of Greece and the way of life of the average citizen of the country. Productively follows the same atmosphere based on the musical influences of the artist from the 90s.

The above elements led us to design a poster so that From Below portrayed in the most accurate way in relation to the recording. To fulfill the literal design metaphor of the claustrophobia of the urban environment, where the art of hope rises through the buildings.

Client: Greek Society

Project Objective: Revolution

Creative Fields: Illustration, Poster Design, Merchandise


We Greeks is a project for personal use that would be more like a Social Design \ illustration. It is a tribute to the Β«real representatives of the ancient Greek spirit.Β» In fact, this project sought to jeopardize the present reality where the average Greek still stands proud of its origins without reminding its representatives and of a complete lack of historical children around it. The character poses as if in a recliner on a left profile and obviously stands against the spirit, philosophy and aesthetics of his classical ancestors. The message “”We Greeks”” (also known as the fucking rock of civilization) comes to connect with the decadency and the arrogant character and to create a composition that completes with the Greek flag that waves in the background.

Client: Amazing Moments

Project Objective: Wedding Photography

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Amazing moments is a video and photography group based in Athens. Their object is mainly addressed to cover those moments of every human being, that they are considered Β«amazingΒ». Marriage and baptism coverage on a high level, with impressive digital albums and concept video recordings, makes them the most upcoming group in Athens nowadays. The design of amazing moments is based on the lines of minimal design with the aim of stunning the purity and innocence of the moments they capture. The game of complementary shapes ends up becoming a signal that depicts A and M subtly, and we also wanted the color palette to give the amazing moments a sense of high end and luxury in their work.

Client: Kaze

Project Objective: Cafe | Restaurant

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Designed in the nature line, kaze is a seaside destination for food and cocktail. Famous recipes and excellent drinks combined with high aesthetics offer the ultimate summer experience
(Project Assignment: Dezone | Photo shooting: Takis Nikolopoulos)

Client: Imagine Studio

Project Objective: Exclusive Studio Photography

Fields:Β Logo Design, Branding Identity

Imagine studio consists of a whole array of talented and creative people, mainly inspired by the photographer Constantinos Anagnostou. Their creative field meets the recordings of the most important moments of your life. The specialization of image studio in the field of wedding photography has led them to have a great range of gorgeous wedding captions in the pantheon of their creations. The personal touch, the tender view and the warmness and passion with which we approach these great moments have led us to design for them a brand very different from what anyone can meet in their business sector. The combination of I and S is embraced by a curve form representing the humanity that rules their mode of action. At the same time the simple lines and the choice of the particular color palette reveal their high aesthetics and professionalism. Trust your sophisticated approach and let them immortalize all the great and special moments you want to remember for ever.

Client: Vegas

Project Objective: Pop Urban Group

Fields:Β Logo Design, Branding Identity, Merchandise

Vegas is a famous band known to the general public of Greece and Europe as the ultimate pop-urban musical scheme. A key element of their success is their eccentric appearance and the dynamism they emit in their performances. After a decade and hundreds of live shows, platinum recordings, participations in events across Europe and repetitive radio successes, Vegas trusted Loft D’art to renew their visual identity and design their new merchandise campaign.

The band that established Pop-urban culture in Greece was looking for a brand that could represent its new innovative ideas and the strictly foreign-language song shift in order to expand their audience in the world music market.

The design was influenced by the eccentric character of the band and its controversial philosophy, while the number of members (3) was emphasized by the isosceles triangle that is presented with the letter V. We thought that adding the G – the second consonant in the name of the band – will yield the overture that represents the band from the first day of their formation.

Enjoy their music!

Client: Athens Voice

Project Objective: Free Press

Fields: Illustration, Magazine Cover

Athens Voice is the most famous Free Press in Greece with a wide distribution in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities. Athens Voice includes a wide range of themes that are directly related to the socio-political foundations of the country, the arts and information regarding nightlife and references to urban culture, all while displaying the city’s heroes every time.


It would seem that Athens Voice has opened a war with anti-culture and ephemeral, giving space to its pages to a multitude of celebrities who always have something timeless to say. Among them, the official artists of the center and everyday people, and also politicians and distinguished scientists show their point of view and share their stories in a unique way.


The “Down Town” painting, created by Loft D’art, decorated the cover of Athens Voice in April 2012, on its 387th issue. Anarchy of Athens is projected through a perfectly linear approach to highlight its tightly crafted layout while at the same time observed by a tender view, for the city we love.

Client: Emma Kouros

Project Objective: Adult Pop Singer

Fields: Logo Design

Em.ma is the next bet of the Greek music industry. Within the storm of the information and musical placards involved, Em.ma persists in adult pop and tries to set up this music style in Greece. The adult pop scene is world-wide and the artists – mainly because they represent it – excel in the charts by abandoning the 90’s and 00’s old-fashioned pop music that had as main representatives boybands and mellow aesthetics. Our study of adult pop, together with the study of Em.ma’s artistic physiognomy, led us to a logo that will be the gnomon of the dynamic and emancipated woman of our time, while at the same time reveals the truly sensitive aspects of herself that are well hidden. The logo we created was based on the double M being the dominant consonant that repeats itself in Em.ma’s name. The double M was designed in such a way as to refer to female hair and a combination with the heart and the horns ends up giving the shape of a female head. This has been done to point out, in a most extreme way, the two situations of female thinking that are a basic element of adult pop main theme.

Client: Argiris Mardas Stravelakis

Project Objective: Marketing

Creative Fields: Name Giving, Logo Design

Publin is the only public relations firm specializing in writers and publications in Greece. Recognizing the gap between Greek publishing houses and the promotion of a book, the idea of ​​creating a specialized publishing and marketing organization at the same time was a oneway. Publin was staffed by Copywriters, Public Relations Managers, Marketeers, Designers, Videographers and Event Makers to best promote the printed material to the audience concerned. Loft D’art undertook the name and design of the brand company. Publin as a corporate name is created by the words Publish + in to highlight the severity, proximity, and professionalism that describes the company’s philosophy. The design of the logo was based on the original letter “”P”” that ended with the necessary inclination to refer to a tailor’s book of traditional bookbinding. Publin was framed with the splendid vocabulary quoted by the creators of “”the public eye”” ending up in becoming a truly unforgettable logo for a genuinely innovative creative effort.

Client: Mc Yinka

Project Objective: Hip-Hop Artist

Fields: Logo Design

Mc Yinka is born and raised in the center of Athens. He is an established artist based on the African-American roots of the hiphop, and at the same time engaging many musical cultures in the process of his creation. His involvement with various bands makes him a multi-faceted artist who balances between MC with political speech, performer and hypeman in big shows and a bassist in new funk bands. His most prominent quality, that of the MC, places him in between of the creators who have the fist to talk about issues such as racism, xenophobia, alienation and struggle in the urban landscape.

He is a real multicultural artist who does not separate the creator’s role from the human being and is always there to Β«represent the vibrationΒ». The title of the new MC Yinka campaign is more representative for him and for us a lyric. Through an abstract and minimal aesthetics, we designed a sign that refers to an African mask that vibrates like a tuning fork, while underlining its roots and the continuous flow of energy that characterizes its work.

(Photo shooting: Athina Kormali)

Client: Riverside Studio

Project Objective: Recording Studio

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Riverside studio is the idea of ​​two new and truly creative musicians. Their vision of setting up a perfectly modern and functional place in the suburbs of Athens led them in September 2017 to launch the Riverside Studio. Riverside studio projects are expanding in the fields of music production, recording and mixing. What makes Riverside Studio special is that it was constructed more as a place to bring creativity to the artist, than just a simple recording studio. Its warm and vintage decoration reminds of a college room in London that, along with the warmth, also brings front the glamour and professionalism. Our design wrapped the above-mentioned project by developing the owners’ idea in the visual communication of the riverside studio. We designed an R based on calligraphy where S as its natural evolution is attributed to a reverse aesthetic to highlight the opposite and different view of the two musicians around the issue of music creation spaces. Playing with the curves and the symmetrical layout of the prints attributed the professionalism and prestige of the Riverside studio space and creators.

Client: Bekas And Associates

Project Objective: Law Firm

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

There is no doubt that in the modern era law firms have acquired a totally different concept and form compared to what they have been up to the recent past. The modern law firm is required to cope with a complex and constantly changing social, economic, political and legal environment, and to do so, it must have as its weapons the constant updating and training and a combination of traditional tools of the “”classical”” lawyer and the most modern dispute resolution tools applied at an international level. The “”Vassilios Bekas & Associates”” Law Office, with its prerogative to cover all the legal needs of modern Screen entrepreneurship, distinguished by its successful course and providing specialized legal services of the highest quality level in commercial law, covering at the same time and with the same consistency and accountability other types of legal services. The design was based on a minimal and abstract aesthetic to give the prestige of the Bekas law firm. The B monogram was based on bold lines to give the project’s gravity and guarantee. Freedom in the design of the monogram has enabled us to escape from the mainstream and to create a truly unique logo that reveals the character and the legal awareness of the office.

Client: Entresso

Project Objective: Business Restaurant

Fields:Β Logo Design, Branding Identity, Merchandise

Minister is a business cafe – restaurant located on Poseidonos Avenue and its interiors are based on classic lines and aesthetics. It is famous for its impeccable service, excellent ambience and great choice of recipes and beverages. The approach of this venture has prompted us to design a brand and corporate identity that can be appropriate for both the business cycle of shipping companies based in the region and the local consumer looking for quality in venue and coffee.


We have sought to invest in the values the business’s name promotes ​​that come in complete harmony with the interior design and ultimately highlight the essence of quality and premium elements, resulting in a remarkable brand that is proportionate to its own space and services. A calligraphic M ends up in the midst of a tie, pointing to the business side of the venue, and the decorative element at the top of the sign suggests prestige and luxury without losing the timeless character of minimal design.

Client: Promopark

Project Objective: Photobooth

Fields:Β Logo Design, Branding Identity, Merchandise

The trend of mirror photo booths could not leave Promopark – a leading company in event planning – uninterested. With one of the most stylish and modern products in the category of mirror photo booths and with an excellent customization team, they have built a premium and interactive product. By addressing a high-end audience with supreme targeting, the corporate events of Mirror You are at the top of mirror photo booth products and participating in the major events of the largest Greek companies.

For the design of the logo, the team of Loft D’ Art was inspired by the product itself and the classic design elements surrounding the interactive mirror. We combined the letters M and Y, creating a brand that can invigorate the aesthetics of the product and become the attraction. The design of Mirror You has been an interesting challenge for us because, once again, we have had to move beyond the existing design styles in the sector.

Client: Triangle

Project Objective: Accountant

Fields:Β Logo Design, Branding Identity, Exterior Design

Designing branding for an accounting office may, for some, look like a procedural and common application of visual communication rules or translate into an innovative and subversive withdrawal of the existing market trend. The subject itself, essentially having very specific principles and possibly limited creative references to the field of design, is likely to complicate our work. However, our approach was focused in realizing the dream of a new entrepreneur with a willingness to create, than an existing atherosclerotic line of design for similar businesses. Taking into account the need of the season for fresh ideas as well as the excellent Triangle naming, we set up a signal with minimal principles ending up with the triangular symbol created by the bars you may encounter in mathematical, accounting and statistical studies. We stayed colorfully in very basic shades of gray and created a typographic combination based on cropped lettering techniques that dominate contemporary design over the last five years. The overall depiction of this signal created a combination of robustness, professionalism and a fresh approach to the design of the accounting industry.

Client: Loukas Katris

Project Objective: Premium Restaurant

Fields:Β Logo Design, Branding Identity, Exterior Design

Idol is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in Greece and is a point of reference in the cosmopolitan life of the island of Santorini. Contemporary awards and world renowned critiques make it one of the most important destinations in the Caldera area, in Fira. For many years Idol’s terrace hosts the world’s most prominent celebrities who enjoy the beautiful sunset view and the unique creations of the finest Greek chefs.


As the brand’s new tag line “Comfort Food & Luxury Experience” suggests, Idol is an alloy of senses combining gourmet wine tasting, rare wine titles and the beautiful view of the Aegean Sea.


Idol’s new logo was based on minimal design. By combining lines of different weights, Loft D’ Art wanted to attribute the elegant and luxurious element of the business and create a memorable symbol. The use of curves is a reference to the region’s architecture and folklore culture. The logo is a form created by combining in a unique way all the characters of the name, with “I” being the most dominant one. For the typographic part, we developed the name of the business with simple characters, in order to complete and highlight the brand, without drawing the attention away from the symbol.

Client: Blessings

Project Objective: Handmade Soap

Fields:Β Logo Design, Branding Identity, Packaging

Blessings are one of the few handmade soap makers in Greece based in Aghios Nikolaos, Crete. Based solely on plant products as raw materials, Blessings are a true revelation about the business data of cosmetics in Greece. The love of coefficients and excellent materials is a unique experience, most of which involve a visit to the spa rather than a simple handmade soap. The design of the brand and the general campaign by Loft D ‘Art were made with the common aura of the aesthetic premium we wanted to exert to differentiate ourselves from domestic competition and be able to stand next to the corresponding foreign giants. As a key feature, we retained the water element, which is also the main handmade soap production material, and is directly related to the concept of the island surrounded by the sea. We created a typographic proposition depicting the double S (SS) that is in the middle of the word blessings in the form of linear drawings that have direct reference to the waves of the sea. Concerning the color, we wanted to emphasize this element

Client: Uppealliant

Project Objective: Multibrand Store

Fields:Β Name giving, Logo Design, Branding Identity

The Uppealiant is also a multi brand clothing store that commissioned Loft D ‘Art to design its branding. The difference with the companies that have trusted us in the past is that Uppealliant produces and markets only four of its own brands, which mainly operate as exportable products while being channeled to the domestic market as well. Our experience in the clothing industry has resulted in the entrepreneurs in assigning the project to give us the absolute freedom to create starting with the “”Built From Scratch”” logic. When we were asked to create the above brand we started as always recognizing the clear and powerful features of the product. Our study of naming was based on the existing design of the garment and the excellent quality of the raw material. We were asked to shift the interest of the existing targeting group from a ratio of 70-30 (men – women) to the desired 50-50. We’ ve ended up to the name Uppealliant (which is the alloy of the words Up & Appeal & Brilliant) through which the properties of a truly unique, worthy and memorable brand are observed. The design of the signal, taking into account its implementation sessions, was entirely based on a typographic study which sought to become identical to the values ​​of quality, elegance and robustness (resulting from years of experience). The characters used in naming except for their sonic gravity were also extremely helpful in the design part. We created a Typography Logo that moves strictly in the context of contemporary minimal design with a particular feature of the cropped lettering. Finally we have isolated U as the initial letter by adding an arrow to denote the “”rise”” and can be used in applications where the space is limited.

Client: Inbox

Project Objective: Multibrand Store

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Inbox is a multibrand store in Nea Smyrni, a suburban area of Athens. It is not just a quality clothing store, but the most important in the wider region. The philosophy of the owner when it comes to choosing fashion brands for Inbox refers more to a sensible boutique than to a residential apparel business. Brands that Inbox houses come either from established premium clothing companies abroad or from emerging startup companies that are already starting to excel in Europe and America because of their interesting designs. Unique pieces, exceptional people with real love for clothing and great aesthetics, combined with a beautiful space make up the secret of Inbox’s success.

The assignment of this project was a challenge, as the word Inbox, or any other word that has the word “box” inside, has been used to a large extent in the past years. Loft D’ Art wanted to create something completely different than the designs used in similar cases.

We were interested in the design of a logo that would have a dynamic presence and the prestige to be a real symbol that could as well be associated with a premium concept, regardless of the subject or product. We chose to use minimal design aesthetics and created a complex form that includes all the characters of the word inbox. Finally, we relied on black and white to highlight the elegance of the brand. The name of the store is written under the logo in a discreet and simple way so that the brand could be connected to the business.

Client: Exinta Tessera

Project Objective: Nail Bar

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Exinta Tessera is more than just another nail bar located in Athens. Between the thousands nail bars someone can find in the wider area of ​​Athens, Exinta Tessera is promoting elegance and the concept of a beauty salon boutique. In order to differentiate the business from its competition in this sector, we chose a unique approach while naming it. We were inspired by the number of the street where the store is located. In addition to this, the study we have done around the project has shown that this name can work in the long run under the expansive franchise brand policy. We wanted a name so good, memorable and with a clear reference to the first store of the retail chain.

Our approach design wise took its final form after extensive research of competition in Greece and Europe. After finding the name, we studied the current trends in Greece and Europe during the last decade. We came up with the design of a typographic logo using numbers to create a contrast with the Exinta Tessera name. The design has a calligraphic character and classical style, composing a unique symbol that exudes elegance and has strong commercial power.

Client: Anthea Organics

Project Objective: Herbal Tea

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity, Packaging

Anthea Organics’ enchanting Organic Tea compositions travel and function as exportable products in many European countries. The exceptional varieties and impressive blends of Anthea Organics have been our main influence during our design study. The magical smells and earthy colors of the products guided us to create a sign that would be an embodiment of a well-balanced design, the memorable and imposing character of a successful herbal combination, while combining the simplicity and delicate curves that can be found in nature. Within the Anthea Organics brand, the principles of elegance and quality are harmonized, keeping the earthy element of nature intact.

At the first glance of the logo, a curved capital “A” is noticeable, while, as the consumer looks closely, the Greek letter “θ” reminds him of the origin of the product. The typographic study was based on simple design principles, because we wanted to draw the attention to the symbol, in order to use it in various applications as an independent unit without losing its link to the brand.

Client: Pantheon

Project Objective: Bakery

Fields: Name Giving, Logo Design, Branding Identity, Packaging

The conception of the idea of ​​creating a space for a bakery within the preserved area of Plaka, in Athens, has prompted us to come up with a name that would highlight the glamor, prestige and sophisticated architecture of classic lines – which have clearly been influenced by the architectural style of ancient Greece. The chosen name Pantheon House comes from the ancient Greek word “Πάνθεον”, which means “all gods” and was applied earlier to the homonymous religious construction of Rome: Pantheon, a temple to all the gods.


Our design thinking guided us to create a symbol inherent to the aesthetics of Plaka and the lifestyle and values ​​that accompany them. Furthermore, influenced by the construction of the 2nd century AD on Piazza della Rotonda and its architecture, we based the original letter “P” on the structural design of the entrance of the existing Roman Pantheon.


The addition of the letter “I” into the symbol, allowed us to illustrate the louder sound of the name (the Greek letter “Θ”). This also gave a curvature to the logo that brought it closer to the aesthetics of our time. The color palette completed the character of the brand by giving the final touches to the canvas of the creation of Pantheon House with the imposing gold.


(Project Assignment: Drakoulakis)

Client: Emma Kouros | Victoria Chalkitis

Project Objective: Vocal Coaching Application

Fields: Logo Design

Voice Genie is the best vocal warm-up application in Greece and is inspired by two singers with experience of many years in vocal coaching. Emma Kouros and Victoria Chalkitis combine their knowledge, techniques and experience and create a series of exercises and warm-up techniques to appeal to professional and amateur singers who want to achieve and keep the maximum performance from their voice. The design of the Voice Genie application was based on the catchy naming of the creators and basically involves the professional character that governs both of them combined with a sense of play that lends the pleasurable part of learning. Our basic proposal is the composition of a genie icon, the letter V on second reading, while on third reading there is a Vintage condenser microphone. Voice Genie aims to be a friendly and appealing proposition for anyone interested in singing regardless of their level or age. The color choices have basically references to the palettes of Bollywood movies and the aesthetics we wanted to impart were clearly influenced by them.

Client: Rec

Project Objective: Pop | Urban Band

Fields: Logo Design, Logo Design for their new single

Rec are the definition of a mainstream urban pop band. The band’s final formation consists of Aris Loumakis, Mike and Xenia Ievgiienko. Aris Loumakis’s highly creative personality, with the impressive performance of Xenia Ievgiienko and Mike’s performance quality, has consolidated Rec in the public’s consciousness as a great and interesting music band. Rec count hundreds of concerts and appearances in major festivals, awards and radio hits.

The rebranding of Rec was based on minimal and contemporary abstract design aiming to highlight the consistency in combination with the always fresh proposal they bring to music. In the logo, all 3 letters (R, E, C) are combined to form a special symbol. The typographic part of the new brand is enhanced with a dot at the end of the band’s name, which is the international symbol of recording. Rec with this brand mark their new course and a new collaboration with Loft D’art.

Client: Paulos Kolonis

Project Objective: Sign Construction

Fields: Name Giving, Logo Design, Branding Identity

Symbold is a manufacturer of inscriptions and innovative promotional products.
It has been active for about 30 years and includes among its clientele the largest companies – dealers in Greece such as Nike, Under Armour, Puma, etc.
The unique proposal that Symbold delivers along with the excellent manufacturing quality has brought the company to the top positions in its field.
The design line we have followed at Symbold is rigorous to the fact that we wanted the label to refer more to a creative office to a joint builder. The naming was defined by the combination of the words Symbol + Bold while the application was made between the original S / B by placing the (+) symbol on the upper right to highlight the meaning of the symbol, proposition, innovation, evolution and set.

Client: Twenty8

Project Objective: Recording Studio | Record Label

Fields: Logo Design

Twenty8 is the umbrella that houses the discography label in conjunction with the same named Studio in the Maroussi area of ​​Athens.
The label emerged as an extension of the Studio which was designed by Roger D’ Arcy, the guy who also marked the studios of Rainmaker, Crystalphonic, Magneto Electric Works, Black Rock Studios etc.
The Twenty8 Design includes the harmonious combination of two numbers (2 and 8) through the creation of a symbol that reflects the professionalism and quality of excellence that both players export (Twenty8 Records \ Twenty8 Studio).
We chose a color combination that emphasizes creativity and consistency by targeting the business in which it operates.

Client: Dimitris Papadopoulos

Project Objective: Snack Bar

Fields: Name Giving, Logo Design, Branding Identity


Hustler is a newly-built and innovative Diner Bar in the heart of Athens. With urban aesthetics and quality cuisine, it has quickly established itself in the choices of those who want a tasteful and gratifying proposition.

Our proposal on the name of the business was largely based on the increasing use of American words and phrases in our country, which has grown enormously since the internationalization of art and social media channels. We took into consideration that naming the business this way would be a huge benefit regarding the recognition of the brand through the hashtags and check-ins in social media and, ultimately, this would make it easy for the customers to use such a memorable, eccentric but also world-famous name.

The logo design of Hustler was based on a set of symbols that characterize and highlight the concept of “Hustling” world-wide, since the beginning of the last century. Through the combination of H and S we formed the concept of the dollar, while through the form of a hatched hat, we defined the traditional mafia guy (who was the first Hustler). The use of typography was based also on classic lines to accompany the above mentioned concepts, while the color palette was chosen in a way that would differentiate the brand from the existing competition, where red or yellow are in such a frequent use.

(Project Assignment: Drakoulakis | Voice Over: Lefteris Samson)

Client: Stathis Kataras

Project Objective: All-Day Bar

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Söt Dag in Swedish means “sweet day” and basically outlines the general philosophy of the business. It produces food and beverages for a balanced and creative day full of energy and great mood. Söt Dag provides exceptional and rare varieties of coffee, handmade energy bars and bars of chocolate and tasteful cold snacks. Söt Dag makes the difference in the all-day bar category through the experience and the purest ingredients.

The sign designed for Söt Dag was based on the very smart existing concept of the name that prompted us to create a truly distinctive brand for the business abstaining from the rules that govern the market today.

With minimalistic design and the letter O as the logo’s dominant element, we created an alarm clock whose indicators show 9.00 a.m. to highlight the beginning of the new day, as well as the unrivaled link between balanced diet and a 24-hour of wellness and energy. Typography was also based in minimal lines dividing the two words with different font weights.

(Project Assignment: Drakoulakis)

Client: Emma Kouros

Project Objective: Application

Fields: Logo Design


Open Closet is an inspiration of an old acquaintance of ours. Emma Kouros, as a collector of rare pieces of clothing, has decided to make her wardrobe available to the public. The Open Closet is basically an application that through competitions, through a follow-up list, shares or other actions, will provide collectible clothes really at wholesale prices or even completely free of charge some times.


We approached the Open Closet logo with a minimal design style and wanted to create an easy-to-use symbol that can have a wide range of uses, most notably in web applications. We were interested in creating a memorable and gracious brand, with which both female and male audiences would be able to connect.

To design the Open Closet signal, we combined O and C in such a way that one surrounds the other based on the two concentric circles. The final addition was to the letter O: two elements that make it look like a button of a shirt or a coat, in order to link the logo with the concept of clothing.


Client: Fotis Kikiras

Project Objective: Accessories Wholesale

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Beauty Accessories is an online store that mainly distributes female accessories from all over Europe. It is based on the purchase of products created by unknown artists with high aesthetics. Beauty Accessories has as its main goal to find artists who have not had sufficient means to promote their work but have created products that are able to compete against the famous fashion brands, and collaborate with them.

The design of Beauty Accessories is based on a unique composition of the characters B, A and C in order to create a logo that highlights the premium product and its luxurious quality. Through our design we attempted to add value to a product of high quality but not known to the public. The logo was created to remind of a truly exclusive brand that can stand on its own. Finally, for the color palette we chose a combination of light gray and gold to emphasize the sophisticated and premium aesthetics of the artists whose designs are sold.

Client: Divine

Project Objective: Diner Bar

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding Identity

Divine is a Burger house based in the suburbs of Athens. It was named after the chef’s unique recipes, which were called “”Divine”” at the talent show of Master Chef. Divine’s interior design is based on American specifications and is the only Dinner Bar in the area. It has a really rare list of recipes including Burgers, steaks and meat combos. The idea behind Divine’s design was to create a symbol that would clearly refer to an American restaurant, maintaining the lines, aesthetics and style of this culture.
Keeping D as a base while working with minimal lines we created a form with wings in order to refer to a devine-angelic figure.
The oval element above D took the role of the head, making sure that  Divine’s logo would point to a character while giving balance to the mark.
The thickness and the rotation refer more to an NBA brand than to a burger house logo.

We worked hard on strokes, lights and shadows so on to highlight the volume and the requiredΒ  depth.
Finally the colors we selected strengthened the brief’s lines in the best possible way.

Client: Giorgos Vavoulas

Project Objective: Cocktail Bar

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Fill In is a cocktail bar on the island of Kos. It stands out for its high-end interior design, the expert staff and the great cocktail and food menu. Fill Ιn logo has been a challenge for us since the market of cocktail bars is drawn in specific lines and symbols and some of them are overly used. Our approach has mostly been based on the idea of ​​getting away from the norm that dominates visual communication in this market. We avoided any symbol that could be associated with a glass, straw etc.

We created a logo where we worked with I as a symbol contained within F to visualize the meaning of the word Fill. We gave both characters a purely classical look in order to portray the elegant, premium and luxurious elements of the business. In the typographic part of the brand, “in” functions as an exponent of “Fill”, reminding this way the concept of mixing the ingredients of a cocktail and also the concept of space.


Client: Markos Nomikos

Project Objective: Consulting Agency

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Edge Consulting is a consultancy firm with a select clientele. Its team consists of senior consultants and technical experts and over the last 20 years, they have succesfully transformed a variety of enterprises redesigning their processes and implementing ERP and CRM solutions.

The design of Edge consulting was inspired by the name of the company. We created a minimal, one-line and contemporary logo based on multiple edges in order to form the “”E”” letter.



Client: Yiannis Daskalakis

Project Objective: Real Estate Services

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Daskalakis & Associates provide their clients integrated services in Real Estate, under the highest global standards relevant to land property and construction. They offer knowledge and experience, integrity and results since 1983, with aim to provide their client-oriented services in the most professional way.

The design of Daskalakis & Associates brand was influenced by the need to create something different from the existing competition within and outside the boarders of Greece. Recognizing Daskalakis & Associates’ high-quality service and clientele, we decided to avoid conservative design suggestions. Our goal was to highlight glamor, quality, experience and the exclusive features of the company.

We based the design on the Corinthian style columns, creating its capital with an ampersand – to signify the bond between the company and its associates – while the whole complex forms the English letter D. In terms of color, we worked with shades of gold on a charcoal-gray to add more value to the brand.

Client: Vaggelis Serifis

Project Objective: Dj, Producer

Fields: Logo Design


Dj Rico is considered to be the most successful producer in the pop, urban and hip-hop scene of Greece. He counts 25 years of active presence with underground and mainstream hits, multiple awards, many more award nominations, radio and television appearances as a host and a large amount of musical articles. Dj Rico has collaborated with the most important names of pop, urban and hip-hop community, culminating in his collaboration with the New York legend Guru, Gangstarr. Dj Rico considered being one of the country’s most important club Djs with gigs in Europe, New York and Australia.

His love for the American culture of the 80s and 90s has prompted us to create a brand that partly reflects this aesthetics, but designed in a contemporary way. Loft D’ Art worked with the characters of D, J and R and added to this combination extensions that look like wings. We created a symbol which refers mostly to a logo of an NFL team or a hip-hop clothing brand in the mid-90s. Finally, we created a condensed and robust typographic part to highlight his experience in his field.



Client: Vasilis Deltsidis

Project Objective: Bakery

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


The bakeries Prodromidis have been active since 1962 in the production of bread and other bakery products. Experience and consistency to the consumer audience has kept Prodromidis bakeries at one of the highest places in the bakery field in eastern Attica and at the highest position in the Anavyssos area.The need for rebranding arose through the recent refurbishment of the store. The new image of the space has preserved the traditional features of the company while adding modern decoration elements.The design of the new brand was based on the combination of tradition and our contemporary design view in order to deliver a brand equally friendly to both the old and the new age clientele.As a structural element of the Prodromidis signal, we have kept the Greek P (Ξ ) which is shaped through the form of a shaft inside it.The protraction of the Prodromidis signal follows the classic architectural rhythm reminiscent of a cyan while ending in an apse shape.Typography is based on non-rounded characters in order to give a uniqueness to the brand and avoid repetition.The color is based on light and dark shades of gray, also in order to avoid matching with any competitive business.


(Project Assignment: Drakoulakis)


Client: Giannis Kalivas

Project Objective: Mastique Water

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Gea is another innovative product from Genomed. For decades, Genomed has been active in the development and promotion of products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutritional supplements. Gea is the newest product of the Genomed family, and is an alloy manufactured with mineral water from the natural sources of Crete and mastic oils from Chios. Gea differs from existing mastic-based products due to different harvesting and oil treatment. It is considered to be a premium product and is intended for export rather than for national trade.

In our research we saw that branding on similar products follows specific design rules and for the branding of Gea we decided to avoid them completely. We designed a symbol that could be used in a Premium product regardless of the concept, highlighting exclusivity and luxury. We combined the English letter G, the Greek letter γ and the form of a drop, while, through secondary semantics, we introduced the concept of infinity and the symbol of the DNA strand. In Gea’s color and typography, the same principles have been maintained, avoiding matching with existing competition.




Client: Constantinos Anagnostou

Project Objective: Fashion Photography

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity


Constantinos Anagnostou is probably the most successful photographer of his generation and he specializes in premium wedding photography, lifestyle photo shootings, commercial photo shootings and fashion photography.His distinctive visual and cinematic depiction have established him in the premises of photographers who act mostly as artists. Constantinos Anagnostou’s design was based entirely on his personality and work.His gentle and elegant personality, which is totally identical to his work, has prompted us to create a brand that could be the mark of a fashion house. We wanted to highlight the elegance, minimalism and luxury aesthetics. We created an “a” symbol which is the first letter of his surname appearing as a form through the combination of “c” and “a” (in smaller sizes)We made use of blue and gold colors to give a premium aesthetics (corresponding to the project and its clientele)



Client: Astoria Square

Project Objective: Burger | Restaurant

Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Branding, Interior Design, Photography, Marketing Campaign


Astoria Square is an American-style restaurant based on the retro culture of the 1970s and 80s. The team of investors commissioned Loft D’art to design the business from taking up the concept to its final implementation and ongoing supervision to ensure the character of the project over time. The demographic study combined with our existing businesses helped us create something innovative to the region’s data, reaching the point of considering the investment in an American restaurant type as highly profitable. The choice of the name, “”ASTORIA””, is indissolubly linked to the New York area, where it was recognized by the migratory wave of the Greeks in the 1960s. This resulted in the unconscious connection of the consumer to the brand. Extensive study of the mark was followed by proper interior design and small details such as employee suits made the difference. Every part of this huge project is a necessary piece on this exceptional mosaic called Astoria Square.


(Photo shooting: Alkis Moraitis)

Client: Fotis kikkiras

Project Objective: Web Services

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

Flexible Solutions is a company based in Bulgaria. Flexibile solutions is specialized in web services such as hosting, social media marketing, web design etc. We designed the logo of Flexible solutions in such a way to highlight the concept of flexibility.

Client: Themis Zorzos

Project Objective: Flowery

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Branding, Web Design

Flowery is based on the beautiful and cosmopolitan island of Santorini in Greece. Its basic service is the flower-making and is specialized in the decoration of wedding ceremonies.Flowery has distinguished itself in the cosmic events of the island due to the high aesthetics and ideas it offers while preserving the highestΒ  quality clientele of the region, domestic or foreign.Flowery’s design was based on the aesthetics of the French Floweries.We wanted to create a symbol including Elegance and Luxury as basic concepts.We designed a synthesis of flowers that were digitized and finally replaced the spine of the English capital letter F. Then using the same font family we created the part of the Flowery typography to bind homogeneously with the existing symbol.Colors were based on earthly pale tones that highlight the earth, nature, spring and summer (when most wedding ceremonies are taking place)

Client: Miss D.

Project Objective: Tattoo Studio

Fields: Logo Design, Branding Identity

The DotΒ The Dot is rather a multispace based on ink technology than an ordinary tattoo studio. The Dot provides a large variety of services including custom tattooing (from the great artist and owner Miss D.)and piercing.However, The Dot is connected with a large list of great collaborating artists who exhibit their work in the showroom of the store. Painters, Illustrators, Jewelry constructors, Clothing Designers and other urban artist exhibit and distribute their unique creations to The Dot.Miss D. (the owner and main tattoo artist) comes from the field of fashion and creation in general, while combining elements to establish a unique and impressive tattoo style. The dot is waiting for you!