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ANCOM has been active in the field of Informatics since 1988. Since its establishment, it has been exclusively involved in the computer organization of companies and has gained enormous experience and knowledge in the fields of Economics, Accounting, Commerce, Production and Consulting Services.

At ANCOM they focus on the special needs of the customer and we suggest the best possible solutions for his business. Their experienced partners analyze in depth the operational functions and build operating models where the best and most reliable IT products are combined with high level organization and configuration services to compose a complete and unified solution that covers all the needs of a business.

In ANCOM are used the most modern technologies while their staff often attends seminars and re-trainings, all with the aim of providing the best possible solution at the lowest possible cost.

The high level of experience and know-how of their partners would not mean anything, if they did not feel the obligation to maintain the best relationship with their customers. ANCOM believes in honesty in their relationships and they alway work to maintain an excellent partnership. They are with you both during the implementation of the project and after it for its better and faster support.

Long-term partnerships and quality relationships with the customers of ANCOM are for them the greatest reward as well as the one that keep them in a strong presence in the space for more than 30 years.

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