Client: Riverside Studio
Project Objective: Recording Studio
Creative Fields: Logo Design, Brand Identity


riverside 6 scaled - Riverside - The Design Boutique -riverside 6 scaled

Riverside Studio is the idea of ​​two new and creative musicians. Their vision of setting up a modern and perfectly functional place in the suburbs of Athens led them, in September of 2017, to launch Riverside Studio. Riverside studio’s projects fall within the fields of music production, recording and mixing. What makes Riverside Studio special is that it was constructed as a place to inspire the artist and not as just a simple recording studio. Its warmth and vintage interior remind of a college room in London and also exude glamour and professionalism.

Everything mentioned above created the idea that would match Riverside Studio’s aesthetics. Loft D’art designed a calligraphic R, where an S forms as its natural continuance. The fact that the two letters are looking at opposite directions is a way to highlight the different point of view the two musicians have regarding the issue of music creation. Playing with the curves and the symmetrical layout promotes the prestige of Riverside Studio’s space and creators.


riverside 4 - Riverside - The Design Boutique -riverside 4

riverside 5 scaled - Riverside - The Design Boutique -riverside 5 scaled

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