Beauty Accessories

Client: Fotis Kikiras

Project Objective: Accessories Wholesale

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Brand Identity

Beauty Accessories is an online store that mainly distributes female accessories from all over Europe. It is based on the purchase of products created by unknown artists with high aesthetics. Beauty Accessories has as its main goal to find artists who have not had sufficient means to promote their work but have created products that are able to compete against the famous fashion brands, and collaborate with them.

The design of Beauty Accessories is based on a unique composition of the characters B, A and C in order to create a logo that highlights the premium product and its luxurious quality. Through our design we attempted to add value to a product of high quality but not known to the public. The logo was created to remind of a truly exclusive brand that can stand on its own. Finally, for the color palette we chose a combination of light gray and gold to emphasize the sophisticated and premium aesthetics of the artists whose designs are sold at Beauty Accessories.

-Next Heartbeat