Blue Villas

Client: Blue Villas

Project Objective: Boutique Hotel

Creative Fields: Logo Design

Under the name Blue villas, are over 200 seaside villas in the beautiful Greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Crete. A collection of gorgeous buildings uniquely designed, each of which is the most secure destination in the most enchanting parts of Greece. The sophisticated decoration of the landscapes and the excellent locations, the porches with the supreme view, the indoor swimming pools and the enchanting Greek sun attract every year hundreds of lovers of the highest aesthetics.


Blue Villas

“Your Villa. Your Vacation. Your Memories.”

The assignment of the project to redesign the Blue Villas’ brand has prompted us to create a balanced mixture of tradition and luxury. A common thread between these islands is Greek architectural and simple, contemporary design. We wanted our approach to represent the Blue Villas’ philosophies. Traditional elements and expensive lifestyle live in peaceful coexistence. A golden medium dominated by the beautiful blue of the sea.

Blue villas

Blue Villas

The key turns in the lock, the door opens, and you enter the sublime world of your private luxury villa; your vacation with BlueVillas has just begun. The journey for us however starts long before this. From handpicking unique properties around Greece, to the award-winning services we provide throughout your stay, we are dedicated to creating a vacation experience tailor-made to your needs. Each property is inspected in person and carefully chosen to meet our 150+ criteria, but the ones that earn a place in our collection must also share a quality hard to find: they must feel like a home away from home, a peaceful sanctuary, where nothing stands between you and your privacy. That’s why our on-site team will be on hand to offer their help and support, but only when you say the word. This is your vacation on your terms – not ours. So, let us worry about curating your magical moments in Greece, and you worry about living them. After all this is our motto, that encapsulates our entire philosophy: Your Villa. Your Vacation. Your Memories.

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