Daskalakis & Associates

Daskalakis & Associates

Daskalakis & Associates provide their clients integrated services in Real Estate, under the highest global standards relevant to land property and construction. They offer knowledge and experience, integrity and results since 1983, with aim to provide their client-oriented services in the most professional way.


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The design of Daskalakis & Associates brand was influenced by the need to create something different from the existing competition within and outside the boarders of Greece. Recognizing Daskalakis & Associates’ high-quality service and clientele, we decided to avoid conservative design suggestions. Our goal was to highlight glamor, quality, experience and the exclusive features of the company.

We based the design on the Corinthian style columns, creating its capital with an ampersand – to signify the bond between the company and its associates – while the whole complex forms the English letter D. In terms of color, we worked with shades of gold on a charcoal-gray to add more value to the brand.daskalakis 3 1 - Daskalakis & Associates - The Design Boutique -daskalakis 3 1


Daskalakis & Associates

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Our first office was established by Nikos Daskalakis in 1986, offering high-end engineering and construction services in all property types.In 2018, Nikos and Yannis Daskalakis, co-founded Daskalakis & Associates P.C. in order to be able to respond to the ever-increasing needs in the Real Estate sector.At the present time, we can provide tailor-made services in land, property and construction, offering turnkey solutions and become your trusted advisor when it comes to Real Estate.

In Daskalakis & Associates P.C., we consider ourselves to be able to provide our clients integrated services in Real Estate, under the highest global standards.The changing market conditions, resulting changing needs from Real Estate, has led us to create a structure which will be able to provide in-house high rated services covering the whole lifecycle of property.

Our Team combines different specializations and long-term experience in property services, in order to provide tailor-made client-focused services from property or site acquisition, development valuations, project management, feasibility studies to the delivery of the completed project, its disposal to the market and the property management as a single asset or as part of a portfolio.

Daskalakis & Associates

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