Client: Giorgos Vavoulas

Project Objective: Cocktail Bar

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Brand Identity

Fill in is a cocktail bar on the island of Kos. It stands out for its high-end interior design, the expert staff and the great cocktail and food menu. Fill Ιn logo has been a challenge for us since the market of cocktail bars is drawn in specific lines and symbols and some of them are overly used. Our approach has mostly been based on the idea of ​​getting away from the norm that dominates visual communication in this market. We avoided any symbol that could be associated with a glass, straw etc.

For Fill in we created a logo where we worked with “I” as a symbol contained within “F” to visualize the meaning of the word “Fill”. We gave both characters a purely classical look in order to portray the elegant, premium and luxurious elements of the business. In the typographic part of the brand, “in” functions as an exponent of “Fill”, reminding this way the concept of mixing the ingredients of a cocktail and also the concept of space.


A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care.

– Danny Meyer


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