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Client: Themis Zorzos

Project Objective: Flowery

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Web Design

Flowery is located on the beautiful and cosmopolitan island of Santorini, in Greece. Its main service is the flower-making and is specialising in the decoration of wedding ceremonies. Flowery has distinguished itself in the cosmic events of the island due to their high aesthetics and unique ideas it offers to the high-end clientele of the region, domestic or foreign.

Flowery’s design was inspired by the aesthetics of French Floweries. Loft D’Art wanted to create a symbol that exudes elegance and luxury. We designed a synthesis of flowers that were digitized and then replaced the spine of the English capital letter F. For the name of the company we used the same font family, as we did for the symbol, to create a consistency. Colors were based on earthly pale tones that highlight nature, spring and summer (when most wedding ceremonies are taking place).

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Flowery was created by passionate people who wanted to bring a fresh point of view in what flowers have to offer for your wedding and all your special occasions. Located in the unique island of Greece, Santorini, you will find us in the traditional village of Emporeio where we are excited to arrange together all your special moments (such as your wedding, wedding proposals, baptism, and others) with fresh, original flowers that will make your special day memorable. Looking forward to meet you in our cozy store where our flowers will decorate and make your special occasions dreamy!

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