IDOL Restaurant

Comfort Food & Luxury Experience

Idol Restaurant is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in Greece and is a point of reference in the cosmopolitan life of the island of Santorini. Contemporary awards and world renowned critiques make it one of the most important destinations in the Caldera area, in Fira. For many years Idol’s terrace hosts the world’s most prominent celebrities who enjoy the beautiful sunset view and the unique creations of the finest Greek chefs.

As the brand’s new tag line “Comfort Food & Luxury Experience” suggests, Idol is an alloy of senses combining gourmet wine tasting, rare wine titles and the beautiful view of the Aegean Sea.

“At the edge of Caldera you can discover our three-level Restaurant-Bar, ready to fulfill any pretentious palate combined with one of the most astonishing views in the world. Unique creations from our highly experienced Chef and his team, wines from our local as well as world-wide wine selection, a great choice of the top-aged whiskies and premium spirits, refreshing cocktails, and of course brand named champagnes in order to celebrate your exclusive times at Santorini.”

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Idol’s new logo was based on minimal design. By combining lines of different weights, Loft D’ Art wanted to attribute the elegant and luxurious element of the business and create a memorable symbol. The use of curves is a reference to the region’s architecture and folklore culture. The Idol logo is a form created by combining in a unique way all the characters of the name, with “I” being the most dominant one. For the typographic part, we developed the name of the business with simple characters, in order to complete and highlight the brand, without drawing the attention away from the symbol.

Idol Restaurant

Idol Restaurant

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