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Imagine Studio

Imagine Studio consists of a whole group of talented and creative people, mainly inspired by the photographer Constantinos Anagnostou. The recordings of the most important moments of your life are their creative field. The specialization of Imagine Studio in the field of wedding photography resulted in them having a great range of gorgeous wedding captions in their portfolio. The personal touch, the tenderness and warmth, but also the passion with which they approach these moments inspired us to design a brand that is very different from what anyone can see in that sector.

Imagine Studio. Let’s talk about the logo design!The combination of I and S is embraced by a curve to represent the humanity that guides their course of action. At the same time the simple lines and the choice of the particular color palette highlight their high aesthetics and professionalism. Trust Imagine Studio’s sophisticated approach and let them capture all the special moments you want to remember forever.

The first camera?

A 18th-century artist using a camera obscura to outline his subjectAlready during the Renaissance (several centuries earlier) artists had begun to use a sort of primitive “camera” called a camera obscura (a latin term meaning literally “dark room” from which is derived our modern word “camera”) to more accurately copy nature by means of drawing. This naturally-occurring optical phenomenon had already been observed for hundreds (even thousands) of years: If a brightly lit scene or object is placed opposite a hole cut into the side of a darkened space (room or container), the rays of light reflected off that object, passing through the hole, converge into an upside-down image which can be seen to be “projected” onto the surface inside the container. But the camera obscura only allowed for the viewing of that image in real time. In order to record it permanently, artists still had to trace the image by hand inside the camera.

Early photographic experiments

Around 1800, in England, Thomas Wedgwood (son of Josiah Wedgwood, the famous potter) managed to produce inside a camera obscura a black and white negative image on paper or white leather treated with silver nitrate, a white chemical which was known to darken when exposed to light. However, he was not able to fix the image permanently because the lighter parts of the image also became dark when looked at in the light for more than a few minutes. His discovery was reported in a scholarly journal in 1802 by a chemist Humphry Davy and translated into French.


Client: Imagine Studio

Project Objective: Exclusive Studio Photography

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Brand Identity



“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
Ansel Adams



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