Client: Kastalia

Project Objective: Boutique Hotel

Creative Fields: Logo Design, Brand Identity

Kastalia Boutique Hotel is another boutique hotel whose visual communication was undertaken by Loft D’art. The Kastalia Boutique Hotel is located in the beautiful Delphi of the Peloponnese, a place of great historical and philosophical significance according to the ancient Greek history. The name comes from the neighboring Kastalia spring, which according to mythology borrowed its name from the nymph Kastalia who was drowned in its waters. Kastalia’s exterior matches the local architectural style, while the interior design is characterized by modern and luxuriant aesthetics. Most of the rooms in this boutique hotel have a stunning view of Delphi valley and the sea, Itea and Galaxidi.

The design for Kastalia’s brand was based on the historical importance of the hotel’s name, without neglecting the elements of luxury that characterize every boutique hotel in its category.

Kastalia Boutique Hotel has twenty-four (24) fully equipped rooms, ready to accommodate and satisfy the needs of every visitor.

Overlooking the Delphi valley and the sea, decorated in a modern or traditional style, all rooms offer peace and tranquility, thus completing the positive energy the visitor receives from this unique, sacred place.




-Next Dali