Katerina Stikoudi


Katerina Stikoudi is the most successful pop artist in the Greek music industry!

Persistence, continuous improvement and remarkable appearance on stage, quickly established Katerina Stikoudi  in the artistic setting. Katerina Stikoudi is now one of the most controversial celebrities in show biz. The simplicity that characterises her presence offstage is in contrast to her impressive appearance. The style that she promotes in her photo-shoots and her expensive video-clips established her as the Pop idol of her era.

*Katerina Stikoudi’s career is characterised by great changes: starting and staring in beauty competitions and modelling shows, when today she interprets, composes and produces her own songs.

The design of Katerina Stikoudi’s brand was based on her subversive character.

By removing the vowels of such a recognizable name, we wanted to challenge the reader, while creating a balanced logo with one-weight lines that compose a modern typographic style.

Finally, by highlighting the abstract K, we promote the only consonant that appears in both Stikoudi’s name and surname.

Katerina Stikoudi

Katerina Stikoudi | Career Retrospective


Beauty Pageant, Morning TV Shows and Acting Debut[edit]
In March 2005, Stikoudi decided to take part on ANT1’s Beauty Pageant. Finally she entered the show and she was crowned Miss Hellas 2005. As one of the titles’ winner she had the opportunity to represent her country at the Miss World 2005 in China on 10 December 2005.
After her participation she continued her modeling career in Greece and moreover she made her first TV appearance as an actress on a famous Greek soap opera Erotas. At the same period she signed with Star Channel in order to host her own morning TV show, La Sousourela. She hosted the show for some months and in summer of 2006 she signed with ANT1, as a co-host, in the famous daytime show Proinos Kafes for two seasons.[4] Apart from her hosting career, Stikoudi had a main role on a comedy series named Ta koritsia tou mpampa (Daddy’ s girls).

Mega Star

In August 2008, Stikoudi signed with Mega Channel for the show Mega Star. Mega Star was one of the most successful Greek talk shows about music which was aired in 1990 with high ratings on the most of its seasons. She first made her appearance as the show’ s hostess in October 2008.
After her first high-rated season on the show, Mega Channel renewed her presence on the show for the next season. Except of the music show, she also hosted the talent show Guiness World Record Show for one season.[5] In June 2010, she renewed her contract with Mega Star for her third season.
In May 2011 Mega Channel decided to cancel the show, after 22 years, and Stikoudi decided to stop her hosting career in order to start a music one.
In 2019, Skai TV and Acun Medya announced that Stikoudi would host the third season of Greek fashion reality tv show My Style Rocks, based on Styled to Rock. She started hosting the show on January 13, 2020.[7]

Music Career, Albums and Singles

In 2009 she made her singing debut in collaboration with dj-LAVA in his song Tora (Now). In 2010 she collaborated with the boy group NEVMA in their song Emmoni (Persistence). Stikoudi released her debut studio album, I Mousiki Mou, in 2011. Her second album released in 2013, including her famous songs Senario, Mi, Psila Takounia and M’ Ena Sou fili.[8]
Her next album Cliché released in 2015 and her fourth one, Soundtrack in 2018.


Stikoudi made her film debut with a small role in the 2010 film Soula Ela Xana. In 2017 she appeared in O thisavros. The next year she started as Margarita in the comedy film Mazi ta fagame alongside Antonis Kafetzopoulos and Sotiris Kalivatsis.

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