Lampropoulos & Associates

As one of the top accounting firms in Athens, Lampropoulos & Associates have been serving the market for a long time and have grown as a reputed Accounting service provider. They have fruitfully built-up the trust among our clients while ensuring them with steadfast services. Thier certified and experienced professionals that include Auditors and Accountants ensure that they sustain high confidentiality of your business and render you high quality service that accomplishes your level of satisfaction. Lampropoulos & Associates specialized ethics ensure to retain commitment to service. They employ highly professional auditors and accountants who take into consideration all your needs and deliver the most excellent services.

The design of the logo was based to the letters M and L as the initials of the creator of the firm (Miltiadis Lampropoulos) like a dediaction to his inspiration 40 years ago.

We used classic forms in order to hightlight the reliability, the confidentiality and the commitment of the firm. 


The Gold color

“The psychology of color plays an important part in the logo design process. Companies have been doing this for ages. Colors play little tricks on our brains, suppressing and evoking emotions simply by watching something. You can use the right color combination as a powerful marketing tool when finalizing design elements of your logo.”

Client: Lampropoulos & Associates
Projcet: Logo design | Branding


Accounting is the language of business

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