“Manos Haute Coiffure”

Manos Haute Coiffure is located in Old Faliron, a beautiful coastal area of Attica and is considered to be one of the most famous hair salons in Athens. It is of no surprise that a lot of prominent Athenians, including well-known athletes, influential people in the show biz, artists etc constitute the clientele of MHC. Dedicated to the development of his business, Mr. Manos Kopsachilis always pays attention to detail and by transforming the space of the hair salon into an elegant and cozy place, set as focal point the revitalization of the most demanding customer.


“The best coiffure i had ever been. Trully Manos rocks, he has a unique style.”

“The best haircut ever…”


Manos Haute Coiffure

Client: Manos Kopsahilis

Project Objective: Hair Salon

Creative Fields: Branding, Interior graphics

Manos Haute Coiffure

Manos Haute Coiffure

The design of the new brand was based on the three words of the business’s name: Manos Haute Coiffure. This idea led to an elegant and continuous logo created with calligraphic style. The curvature of the letters gave a feminine touch and considering the fact that the average customer who is interested in the services of MHC is a female, we thought it would be a fitted element to the brand. The interior design style followed the same philosophy.

“Being a hair dress is the best profession. All day we get to listen to music, be creative, bond with others and make them feel amazing. Being a hairdresser rocks!”

– Anonymous

Manos Haute Coiffure

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