MC Yinka

Mc Yinka

Mc Yinka is born and raised in Athens. He is an established artist influenced by the African-American roots of hip-hop. While creating his music, Mc Yinka usually explores many other musical cultures. His involvement with various bands makes him a multi-faceted creator who balances between MC with political speech, performer and hype man in big shows and also as a bassist in new funk bands. Mc Yinka is mostly known for being one of the artists who touch upon delicate matters, such as racism, xenophobia, alienation and struggle in everyday life. He is a multicultural artist that is always there to “represent the vibration”.


Client: Mc Yinka | Project Objective: Hip-Hop Artist | Creative Fields: Logo Design

The logo created is inspired by the title of Mc Yinka’s new campaign. Through an abstract and minimal logo, Loft D’art designed a sign that highlights the artist’s African roots. This sign refers at the same time to an African mask and a tuning fork, a concept that underlines the continuous flow of energy that characterizes his work.

(Photo shooting: Athina Kormali)



I’m feeling her, but she don’t wanna come close. I’m writing words of passion, but she won’t open her soul. She’s caught up in another love, her eyes sparkle when she sees him, and now I’m searching for a place to find a cure for my grief. And I don’t know if time will heal the wounds, I can’t see tomorrow, ’cause the bonds are too hard to break. Who has a say on love, who has the power to free me like a dove? I’m lost and I can’t find a way. I remember when I first met her, time stood still and I was jamming and singing only for her. But all these things were in vain. An unfinished painting in a frame how can I ever maintain?

– Mc Yinlka

Mc Yinka

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