Minister is a business cafe – restaurant located on Poseidonos Avenue and its interiors are based on classic lines and aesthetics. It is famous for its impeccable service, excellent ambience and great choice of recipes and beverages. The approach of this venture has prompted us to design a brand and corporate identity that can be appropriate for both the business cycle of shipping companies based in the region and the local consumer looking for quality in venue and coffee.

We have sought to invest in the values the business’s name, Minister, promotes ​​that come in complete harmony with the interior design and ultimately highlight the essence of quality and premium elements, resulting in a remarkable brand that is proportionate to its own space and services. A calligraphic M ends up in the midst of a tie, pointing to the business side of the venue. The decorative element at the top of the sign suggests prestige and luxury without losing the timeless character of minimal design that characterizes Minister.

minister banner 2 1 - Minister - The Design Boutique -minister banner 2 1

Client: Minister
Project Objective: Business Restaurant
Creative Fields: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Merchandise


“I think there’s more women that watch me than men, but I don’t look at myself as just a minister to women. My ministry began that way, but I really feel like the Word of God is for everybody.”

– Joyce Meyer

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