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Project: Petrino Club  |  Client: Koulis Kouvaris  |  Location: Piraeus

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Welcome to the real night life of Piraeus

Petrino club is one of the most well known clubs in Piraeus. Petrino is famous for the fancy parties taking place daily despite the small space of the place. A local club combining the traditional design of the greek stone with the never ending nightlife, elevating more than ten years now the local market of Piraeus.

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We the Loft D’art worked with the logo of Petrino combining the Greek letter (Π) and the English one (P). Actually we wanted to highlight the upper level of this small but so elegant club with the greek meaning of the name (Petrino means “made from stone”). We designed a logo with slim curves and an elegant silhouette in order to represent the aesthetic of the interior design and the audience of the club. The logo finally was colorised with a solid golden Pantone colore in order to amplify the luxury element. Feel free to spend your nights there!