Rania Kostaki is the most famous radio producer in Greece.

She is also a very popular Dj and an accomplished music producer,

while through all those years, established herself as one of the most creative people in the music industry.

She worked as a producer behind many popular radio hits and organised successful tours in several countries. Her long career as a hostess in the best radio shows in Greece is remarkable.

Rania Kostaki is famous for her eccentric haircut, a feature that inspired us during the creation process. Our goal for the logo was to reflect her unique style and personality, without losing its femininity and class.

Finally, Kostaki’s logo was based on her impressive presence.

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Rania Kostaki



Rania Kostaki assigned the design of her new logo to Loft D’art.

We got inspired by her unique hair style that became her trademark many years ago and created a logo based on her impressive profile and attitude.

We wanted to design a unique and feminine brand in order to highlight her distinct personality and appearance.

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