Client: Triangle
Project Objective: Accountant
Creative Fields: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Exterior Design

Designing a brand for an accounting office may, for some, look like a procedural and common application of visual communication rules, because of the very specific principles and possibly limited creative references to the field of design this subject has.

Nevertheless, our approach was focused in realizing the dream of a new entrepreneur with a willingness to create and not to follow an existing line of design for similar businesses. Taking into account the need for fresh ideas as well as the excellent name of Triangle, we created a logo based on minimal principles ending up with the triangular symbol created by bars you may encounter in mathematical, accounting and statistical studies.

Regarding Triangle’s color palette, we used neutral shades of gray and created a typographic combination based on cropped lettering techniques that are dominant in contemporary design over the last five years. The overall depiction of this brand created a combination of robustness, professionalism and a fresh approach to the design of the accounting industry.

-Next Constantinos Anagnostou