Client: Astoria Square
Project Objective: American Restaurant
Creative Fields: Concept, Logo Design, Brand Identity, Interior Design, Photography, Marketing Campaign


Astoria Square is an American-style restaurant based on the retro aesthetics of the 1970s and 80s. The team of investors commissioned Loft D’art to design their business from the beginning of the concept to its final implementation and for an ongoing supervision to ensure the character of the project stays the same over time. After studies were conducted, the data showed that investing in an American style restaurant would be very profitable for the interested parties.

By naming the restaurant Astoria, we created an emotional subconscious connection between the consumer and the brand. To be more specific, the given name was indissolubly linked to the Greek migratory wave of the 1960s, people who left their country to go to America. Extensive study while designing the Astoria Square’s logo was followed by proper interior design and small details – such as employee suits – made the difference. Every part of this huge project is a necessary piece that completes the image and character of Astoria Square.

-Next Katerina Stikoudi